Gloria Victis

"A film that seeks a reinterpretation of History through montage of CG sequences, paintings and footage."


This film will be enjoyed mostly by filmmakers, cinephiles and those who appreciate experimental work. It does not feature a traditional narrative and may not be appealing to a general audience.

Coming from France, Gloria Victis is an experimental short that uses the Louvre Museum as a stage to enact a dialogue between various art-related elements represented with different aesthetics. That in itself should serve as a sign that we’re in front of an unusual film.

With a strong focus on montage, on creating meaning by juxtaposition of shots, the director manages to build continuity between independent images and footage from very different sources, with varying aesthetics. Eisenstein’s theories of montage seem to be used frequently.

There’s great work on aesthetics and CG technique. Thanks to the use of emotive shots and an elaborate message the film is one of the counted few that makes such abundant use of CG architectural visualization yet manages to transmit emotion and meaning.

The film’s emphasis on the use of time and on combining iconic elements belonging to different periods is also worth noting. As the author states, Gloria Victis follows the steps of Godard and aims to deconstruct History and rewrite it through the combination of these artistic elements, seeking to reinterpret it from the perspective of the vanquished.

Making of on the director's website


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