The Lady and the Reaper

"A doctor and the reaper struggle to see who will get an old lady’s life."

From the land of Granada, southern Spain, comes this fun and carefully crafted short film. An unusual conflict soon propels a purported drama into a slapstick comedy full of chases, collisions and assorted action sequences.

The narrative logic presented at the beginning of the piece is abandoned and the struggle between the characters mediated through their traditional roles is re-presented as a direct conflict between them that turns into a series of Looney Tunes roller-coaster scenes, marked by physical humor and characteristic discontinuous, stylized staging.

As is the case with the Looney Tunes, music plays a key role. Spanish musician Sergio de la Puente was in charge of creating the soundtrack with a jazzy taste.

The short was created by Kandor Graphics, one of the few Spanish studios that dedicates full time to producing quality films, both features and shorts, putting special emphasis on script development. Following Pixar’s model, Kandor produces short films to test and incorporate new technology, improve its production pipeline and stimulate the team’s creativity.

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