The Last Bastion

"Bastion unexpectedly reactivates after laying dormant in the wilderness for over a decade. "

Two main characters, an internal conflict and an emphasis on nature are the elements that compose this short film produced by Blizzard Entertainment to publicize the company’s Overwatch video game.

Highlights of the short include the remarkable work on the aesthetic and description of the natural environment, which is complemented with a good dose of sensory images (sunlight between trees, interaction with water, rain, bird drinking water, etc.), plus the expressive use of lighting.

The film centers on the internal conflict of the robot, which presents an interesting challenge for narrating the story, as the main protagonist lacks recognizable facial features for transmitting emotions to the audience. The producers of the film overcame this obstacle by employing color, body posture, sound, music, framing, composition of elements within the frame, subjective shots/sequences and changes in lighting to express the robot’s subjectivity. The metamorphosis and flashback sequences also help provide contrast and surprise to the film.

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