Allo…Chloé ?

"Chloé plays with her doll. Suddenly, the phone rings."

Coming from French school La Poudrière, this short features one main character and an emphasis on comedy, surprise and offscreen space.

Three shots, two cuts. No camera moves. Most of the film takes place in an interior, seemingly a dressing closet, in which the main character is serving tea to a yellow duck. The low number of cuts lends more importance to staging.

The stylized, partly de-saturated aesthetic with child-like drawings is very suitable for the theme. Colors are employed to focus the attention on the story (in the interior scene). Visual rhythm is handled mostly through motion within the frame, including shadows from characters.

Offscreen space plays an important role in the film. It’s built through lighting, sound and the description the girl provides through the dialogue with her parents’ friend. The dialogue works very well for introducing multiple surprises, creating external conflicts and building momentum. This is no small part thanks to the quality acting done for the voices of both characters. The secondary actions and performance of the girl while she speaks on the phone are also worth noting, as they help make the character believable.


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