"The joy of flying."

Balloon is a short film comedy about a balloon who decides to explore heights and suffers from vertigo. It was created by three artists as part of their studies at French school MOPA (while it was headed by Julien Deparis). The short took only 3 weeks to create and was made as an exercise on the subject of “Vertigo”.

Staged in a park and in the sky, the short presents one main balloon character with a number of supporting ones, an internal conflict, a narrative line that splits into two with corresponding POVs, and an emphasis on the use of high and low camera angles.

The short employs a stylized aesthetic that mixes 2D and 3D graphics. The later generated with non-photorealistic rendering. A color palette with vibrant saturated colors is used, which helps differentiate the main character from the rest.

The short makes strong use of screen directions to build space. The narrative POV splits into two as the main character goes up in the sky. There is frequent use of low and high camera angles (worm’s eye view and bird’s eye view / overhead shots) to portray the separate narrative POVs. Parallel editing is employed to alternate between them, and to create contrasting views of the same situation.

Visual rhythm is high and handled through editing, camera moves and motion within the frame. Camera moves abound, including cranes, zooms and one camera roll.

What makes balloon work so well? Very creative script, expressive characters that help transmit conflict, good use of surprise, effective directing, comedy built through misunderstanding and great use of sound to help narrate the story.


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