Concatenation 2 Olympic Game

"An alternative look at Olympic Games."

Concatenation 2 is an experimental short by Italian artist Donato Sansone, known for his highly creative animated films. Concatenation 2 plays with essential elements from filmmaking: editing, framing, motion, screen directions and continuity, creating an audiovisual collage with shots and iconography from sports competitions.

Staged in dozens of locations, from stadiums to olympic swimming pools, Concatenation 2 employs a fragmented aesthetic with multiple images within the frame and high visual rhythm.

The short places an accent on editing, which maintains temporal continuity while breaking spatial continuity. Cuts matching on movement, as well as graphic cuts abound. The kind of editing that is usually employed to make cuts invisible in traditional filmmaking (known as “continuity editing”) is intentionally exposed here, while maintaining visual rhythm as well as smooth transitions between bodies in motion. This, together with an audio track that also accentuates changes from one location to another coupled with disorienting camera moves, turns the video into a surreal experience.

What makes it work so well? Surprise, playfulness, great creativity, plus skilled editing and compositing work.


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