"A fisherman struggles with his catch."

Ichtus is a short film directed by Florian Babikian about a fisherman who’s having a hard time catching fish and decides to ask for special help. The short was created during Florian’s studies at Supinfocom Arles (at a time the school was still part of the Supinfocom umbrella, and was headed by Julien Deparis and Isabelle Aubin).

Two main characters, a conflict with the environment plus an external one, a supernatural theme and an accent on humor and performance are the main elements of the short.

Situated in a boat in the middle of the water, the location becomes an unlikely stage for a musical performance. The director of this performance is also an unexpected choice for the role. Ichtus constantly surprises the viewer, with abundant supernatural elements and references to religion.

A stylized aesthetic is employed, with a palette of saturated colors. Characters have been designed to maximize their expressions, through which conflict is transmitted. Good effort has been dedicated to animation and posing, which help deliver a convincing directing performance.

Long shots are frequent, they are used to portray the fisherman in his boat together with the fish falling into it, as well as to capture Jesus’ performance. Tighter framing is employed to capture facial expressions and transmit character’s emotions, as well as to emphasize the amount of fish falling or show the boat sinking. Cameras are mostly static (with two exceptions), visual rhythm is high and created mainly through editing and motion within the frame.

What makes Ichtus work so well? Remarkable creativity, numerous surprises, irreverent humor, highly imaginative staging and a script that defies logic and could lead practically anywhere.

After working on Ichtus, Florian Babikian collaborated with other artists on Garden Party (their graduation short) and on Maestro, after collectively founding Illogic in Montpellier, France.



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