Leaving Home

"When a father decides his son is old enough to leave his parental home, he sends him out into the world."

Directed by Utrecht-based illustrator and animator Joost Lieuwma, Leaving Home is a short film about the difficulties of a young man to leave his home and live an independent life.

It presents three characters with a clearly defined external conflict and an emphasis on non-realistic staging. Highlights of the short include choosing a situation with characters’ traits that will be familiar to many viewers, and in the humor with which it portrays the increasingly unrealistic ways in which the son character comes back home. The short makes heavy use of directions for successfully editing these sequences.

Leaving Home employs mostly static cameras (with the exception of a few slow zoom-ins). Camera moves are replaced with a combination of editing and widening shots or different camera placements in order to cover the action.


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  • Prasun Pradhan

    Everyone in this world, must get out of his easy life in order to be independent. The story shows how a man can be emotionally attached to his mother. This prevents him to face the real world outside, and at the end, after the incident, it is clearly visible that only because of the mother, the house can be called as a home. Also the sad part is that, after the incident, the son easily begins his journey outside his home. Because what really matters to the son is his mother. There is no point of returning home when there is no one who loves very much like a mother. It’s also sad that it’s like the mother has sacrificed her life for her son so that he can stand on his feet