Protocole Sandwich

"A team of rangers is in charge of rescuing people who get lost in a wild desert."

Protocole Sandwich was produced by five artists at Gobelins and features a Sci-Fi theme, very creative use of aesthetics and a spatial and temporal continuity meltdown.

Staged in a desert, a lot of work has been dedicated to environment and character design, polished framing, composition and color make visuals a pleasure to watch. The use of graphic glitches helps greatly in adding surprise to the story and goes beyond standard jump cuts as means of breaking up continuity. This is the only film featured on this website in which they are employed as narrative devices and key elements of a story. It’s also the only film in which much of visual rhythm is handled through the use of artifacts and glitches (in addition to camera moves, camera shakes, editing, etc.).

Also worth noting is the great way conflict is built leading to the sequence of the two main characters fighting, with fitting use of closeups, increased editing pace and sound design.

What makes it work so well? A highly original use of aesthetics, an implied narrative that withholds the whole story and successfully engages viewers, a well-crafted strong external conflict and plenty of surprises.

Color scripts by Joséphine Meis

Animation tests and character designs by Benjamin Warnitz


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