The Pyramids Of Egypt

"Cairo, 1920. An archaeologist is about to discover the secret of the Egyptian Pyramids."

Coming from Supinfocom Arles as a result of their partnership with the MuCEM (Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations), this short film is staged in the desert and plays with history and iconography to create unexpected situations.

The short uses elements of greatly varying scale, and relies on close-ups to underscore the expressions of the characters (which help produce comedic effects) and their interactions with objects; wider shots are employed to cover the action, the interaction between the characters and to frame the pyramid/sphinx.

Cameras are mostly static (with the exception of some camera shakes), visual rhythm is provided by editing and movement of objects within the frame. Sound is used to pass a good amount of information to the viewer, as well as to add to the comedic effect.

The authors have paid particular attention to aesthetics, including framing, composition and character design. What makes the film work so well is its creative sense of humor, the way it plays with expectations and how it mixes modern technology with ancient Egyptian iconography.


Corentin Charron on the making of the film


Nicolas Mrikhi shares some details on the production


Olivier Lafay's page on the production of the film


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