Trick Meter

"Skate for your life."

Meeting at the crossroads of skating, video games and film, Trick Meter is a short by Australian director and VFX artist Simeon Duncombe that offers a look at a live action video game with non-realistic staging. Using a minimalist, stylized staging that resembles that of theater, the short film employs space in an unconventional way. Its edges communicate with each other, creating an infinite loop (something that the main character can use to his advantage). While editing is usually used to create a single space out of separate locations, in this case visual effects and other devices are also used in an interesting way to construct the diegetic space.

Trick Meter makes heavy use of directions to guide the viewer and keep continuity, employs editing to associate the action with the score, and uses a time limit to build and increase tension. Compositing and 3D VFX are highly realistic and very well integrated into the narrative. Also worth noting are the use of humor, surprise, creativity, (video game-like) cyclic structure and focus on skate tricks.


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