ArtFX student films 2014

Students from Montpellier-based ArtFX have posted online their films, which usually feature a great mixture of VFX with live action film. You can watch them below.


To The Other Side by Marie Tricart, Joceran Compoint, Emeline Doumange, Alexandre Chiron


Engrenage by Swann Chesnel, Léonard Mercier, Etienne Gaulupeau and Fabien Rosier


Legato by Titiane Lebel, Taïga Ishibashi, Alexis Caresche and Rachel Ajorque


Revolucion by Guillaume Siadous, Aymeric Ballester and Sébastien Carrillo


Hybris by Audrey Serre, Benjamin Gros, Océane Nguyen and Margaux Le Gall


Moi et mon Panda Domestique by Camille Billaud, Domitille Mellac and Doriane Lopez


Speedbob by Paul Mathon, Adrien Vallecilla, Benjamin Blatière and Tielong Mu


The Black Case by Alexandre Lemaire, Gautier Zahonero, Arnaud Michanol and Emeric Meissirel-Marquot


Spybug by Sophie Chauvet, Anaïs Ringenbach and Marie-Charlotte Derne

Posted July 18, 2014


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