"A cop returns from patrolling the streets, his tough attitude hides a sensitive soul."

Created by Corentin Yvergniaux as part of his studies at French school MOPA, Electrocop is a highly creative short that features one main character and an accent on comedy, sound and performance.

The aesthetic and iconography set expectations for a police/crime-related story. The short soon contradicts expectations, when the main character turns into a one-man band, using objects as instruments that end up playing simultaneously.

Sounds are employed creatively, starting as visualized on screen and shifting to the off-screen, turning into non-diegetic “pit music”. A rhythm emerges, with the police officer improvising over it. Staging playfully responds accordingly, in sync with it all.

Camera and editing strategy are also worth noting, as they are first used to cover the action (in line with what seems to be a narrative short), and then shift towards the logic of music videos, adding visual rhythm that responds to and potentiates the soundtrack.

What makes it work so well? Comedy, surprise, creative use of sound and great use of subjectivity in narration, as the final, wider shot signals a return to an “objective” POV and the character manages to look at himself from outside and becomes self-conscious of his performance.


Corentin Yvergniaux's work at MegaComputeur collective


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