Supinfocom Arles 2013 graduate shorts available, school name changes to MOPA

The short films created by Supinfocom students who graduated in 2013 are now available online. As usual, all films are of great quality. Highlights include Ascension, Home Sweet Home, Le Scenariste and more.

You can watch all the new films on the school’s website, as well as the trailers for the 2014 graduate shorts. Below is the complete list of the 2013 shorts.

  • Ascension by Thomas Bourdis, Martin de Coudenhove, Caroline Domergue, Colin Laubry and Florian Vecchione
  • Home Sweet Home by Alejandro Diaz, Pierre Clenet, Romain Mazevet and Stéphane Paccolat
  • Animal by Benoit Dulac, Laura Foglino, Julien Jude, Oriane Mulleras El Atmani, Benoit Viougeas and Danyang Wang
  • Ulysse by Hugo Bodoukian Meyrant, Martin Chabannes, Anne Labadie and Candice Theuillon
  • My Little Croco by Bagot-Caspar Étienne, Cohen Yohan, Mancone François, Pasta Maïckel and Topsy Milian
  • Sun of a Beach by Arnaud Crillon, Alexandre Rey, Jinfeng Lin and Valentin Gasarian
  • Le Scenariste by Brotot Fanny, Degenève Loic, Joly Nicolas, Walle Marion and Zamiri Emilie
  • East End by Nicolas Balas, Rémi Cauquil, Clément Domergue, Camille Fourniols and Marie-Lou Gely

Supinfocom Arles changes name to MOPA

Due to a joint decision by the Supinfocom Arles team and the Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie du Pays d’Arles (CCI), the school has changed its name to MOPA (Motion Picture in Arles) and become autonomous, leaving the RUBIKA/Supinfocom umbrella (which encompassed the schools of Valenciennes, Arles and Pune). Supinfocom Arles was founded in the year 2000 with the participation of the CCI.

The school has posted a press release and a video (both in French language) on the subject of MOPA’s launch as well as a number of photos and images on their Facebook page.

Posted December 22, 2014


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