Out of Frame

"Duncan Denholm decides to sell his centuries-old mansion, but his long-deceased ancestors have other plans."

Produced by students from Lyon-based Bellecour Ecoles d’Art (3D & Entertainment department), this short presents 5 characters, internal and external conflicts, supernatural elements and a focus on roots, family and identity, and what can happen when one goes against them.

Staged in a mansion located in a rural area of Scotland, the short features a stylized aesthetic, with plenty of work dedicated to environment design (open environments as well as spacious interiors) and to portraying weathered, worn out objects and surfaces.

The film employs fast cutting and this is intensified when the chase sequences begin, which, coupled with music, infuse a lot of action into the short. Visual rhythm is handled through editing, camera movements and motion within the frame.

Highlights of the short include the internal conflict based on personal roots and family history (one that many people can relate to), the use of flashbacks, humor and supernatural elements.

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Flavie Vogler's making of (concept art / characters / lighting / compositing)


Laurent Chorier's making of (concept sketches / modeling / lighting / materials / FX)


William Eiselé's making of (modeling / animation)


Fabien Robert's making of (modeling / materials / lighting / FX / compositing)


Jeremy Fumet's making of (modeling / animation)


Célestin Casetta's making of (modeling / shaders / rigging / animation)


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