"8-bit video game characters on the loose."

Supinfocom graduate Patrick Jean made this film while working at Paris-based One More Production, inspired by the video games he played in his youth. Patrick wanted to experiment how the 8-bit video game world and the real one would mix together. He cites Ghostbusters and Who Framed Roger Rabbit as influences.

Pixels uses hand-held cameras (the filmed sequences were shot in NY using a Canon 5D Mark II) and features a cast of renowned 8-bit characters: Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, the frog from Frogger, space ships and aliens from Space Invaders, paddles from Arkanoid, and pieces from Tetris, among others. The film’s focus is in aesthetics and how the characters provoke a transformation from a filmed aesthetic to a 3D pixelized one (perhaps the word “voxelized” would be more accurate, in this case).

Also of note, there’s an accent in the use of sound to recreate the 8-bit world, and in re-signifying famous New York city landscapes and locations through the use of the 8-bit characters and their recognizable roles, all with a great dose of humor.

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