The Little Boy And The Beast

"A tender look at divorce from the eyes of a child."

Coming from Germany, this short film presents three main characters and clearly defined conflicts transposed into a metamorphosis of two of those characters.

Staged in an urban location, the film employs a non-realistic mise-en-scène and a high level of subjectivity to narrate the story. Shot from the POV of the child (in most cases), the directors make good of use of close-ups, tighter framing and a camera height that matches that of a child to increase subjectivity and to place an emphasis on the use of off-screen space, which helps create surprises for the viewer throughout the film. Facial expressions also play an important role, as much of the conflict is developed and conveyed through them.

A stylized aesthetic is used, with sparse staging and painterly textures, which help make the 3D visuals more expressive.

The authenticity of the portrait is something worth noting, which, along with its sense of humor and child’s perspective make it a very appealing short.

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