"A traveling salesman faces an unusual job."

Age: 13+

Created by five students from French school MOPA, this fun short presents one main character, a series of external conflicts and supernatural elements.

Staged mostly on the road (and at a few urban locations) the film uses related iconography, including assorted car elements, a cassette-player, a gas station, parking lot, etc. Cameras are employed accordingly, with frontal and rear shots, as well as abundant subjective shots from the POV of the salesman. Camera movement plays an important role in transmitting the sensation of traveling, so there’s good attention dedicated to producing motion within the frame, as well as to have moving shadows interacting with objects inside the car. Camera moves are also used for good effect to create surprise (1m16 for ex.).

The aesthetic work is remarkable, with a lot of effort dedicated to character and environment design, as well as lighting. A focus is placed on the expressiveness of the characters, for creating and transmitting conflict. The story is told mainly from the POV of the salesman character but at times switches to the POV of the various clothes. The change in narrative subjectivity in the dream sequence is worth noting. Also worth noting are the fun references to sex and sexual drive in a student short, elements that are seldom present in student films from some other countries.

What makes the film work so well? Creativity, surprise, playfulness, humor and a certain loss of control of the character, who finds himself in increasingly unusual situations.

The production process of the short must’ve mirrored to a degree its playful elements.


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VRP: definition of 'Voyageur Repr├ęsentant et Placier' on Wikipedia (French)

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