"A young man faces a storm while camping."

Created by Italian artist Lorenzo Fresta during his first year of study at CalArts, this remarkable film presents two main characters, a conflict with the environment and an accent on the use of sensory images.

Great use of aesthetics (composition, changes in color, etc.), visual rhythm and sound design are combined to fill the film with sensory images that bring it to life. Staged in a rural area and in the sea, the presence of nature can almost be breathed.

The use of blending levels of subjectivity in narration, which mix memories from childhood with the present (at some point in the same shot), help create a film with an intimate narrative. In order to achieve this, during the transition from the present to the flashback sequence, the artist employs changes in visual rhythm and camera movement, lighting, framing (staying with the character and using closer shots) and shifting the loud sound of wind and rain to moments of silence.

Also worth noting are the authenticity of the situations portrayed (which may point to some personal experience), the energetic pace and stark contrasts introduced through editing, sound, and visual rhythm, the description of the characters, the father-son relationship, the character development of the child and the attention dedicated to transitions via continuity and a graphic match.

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