The Rise and Fall of Globosome

"Civilization and one of its possible outcomes."

Coming from Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, Globosome is a short film by German director Sascha Geddert (Fallen) that is clearly a sign of the times. It was inspired by his interest in climate change and the situation humanity is currently facing. Sascha thought that this must be a recurring event in the Universe: civilizations develop technology, build, consume natural resources and face the possibility of self-destruction. Globosome was born from this idea and functions as a wake up call for those who want to pay attention to the film’s message.

With an emphasis on aesthetics, movement and choreography, Globosome describes a progression of how a crowd of creatures multiply and build their civilization on a planet, modifying and consuming its natural resources, with a plague-like behavior, and collapsing when there is nothing left to consume.

The short is crowd-based, there are no particularly identifiable characters. Staged in an arbitrary planet, shots alternate between closeups and wide ones, showing the building progression, using a descriptive camera. Music plays an important role in helping build continuity. Visual rhythm is quite high, with plenty of motion within the frame, quick editing and moving cameras. Color and lighting are used to portray the difference between the “healthy” and depleted versions of the planet. The quality of the CG visuals is impressive.

According to the author, he was influenced by other CG shorts such as Yannick Puig’s Krapooyo and Georgios Cherouvim’s Theros. The subject does recall also Three Legged Legs’ Humans.

Video of the most beautiful render passes from Globosome

Making of materials

Sascha Geddert's site

CG making of interview on Chaos Group's website


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